turn it up Tuesday

Turn it up Tuesday will bring you albums you should check out. Some you might know, and hopefully some you haven’t.

For the first Turn It Up Tuesday it had to be the Foo Fighters. But what album?

After much thought. I decided to go with Skin and Bones. The bands least loud, but still crank-able. After the Foo’s double album, In Your Honor, included an acoustic side, the band doubled down for their next project, Skin and Bones. They went on tour, and made a live album.

In the mix is one of my favourite versions of one of their tunes, February Stars.

Foo Fighters – February Stars, Live.

Also within the album are some of the greats we all know and love. Including, Everlong, Times Like These, Best of You, ect.

Track nine sees the late Taylor Hawkins take the mic to preform his song Cold Day In The Sun. The performance outshining the album version with its energy.

Foo Fighters – Cold Day In The Sun, Live.

Lastly we’ll go back to a song from their first album, the song in question? Big Me. What makes this version the best, is the harmony coming from Petra Haden.

Foo Fighters – Big Me, Live.

Whether you’ve never listened to Skin and Bones, or haven’t in a while. It’s time to put it on a turn it up.

What’s your favourite Track?

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