Turn It Up Tuesday: METRIC

It was my grandparents house and I was over there one afternoon. I was sitting watching Much Music, as most teens found themselves doing when bored. About 30 seconds into a song, my uncle came in and said “Is this Metric?” I shrugged and said, “sure…” to which he replied “these guys are good.”

He wasn’t wrong.

The song in question was “Poster of a Girl”, and since then Metric has they’ve been in steady rotation as one of my favourite bands. Though the album in question this week, to which I’ve gone back and forth, but ultimately landed on, is 2009’s Fantasies. It’s not an off the wall, and maybe predictable pick, but it’s that way for a reason. Top to bottom the album is a hit. I goes beyond, “Help, I’m Alive” and “Stadium Love”. But hits in songs like, “Twilight Galaxy” and “Satellite Mind”. Both, especially the former could easily have been a single itself.

Fantasies is album is where Metric truly became the Metric we know and love today. Where their sound came together and has evolved within, ever since.

So if you’re new to Metric or haven’t spun Fantasies in a while. Turn it Up.

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