Dear Rouge Leave It All On Their Hometown Stage

On December 10, 2022, The Vogue Theatre welcomed locals, Dear Rogue, back home from their cross-Canada tour. From the very first moment the band brought all the energy. With Danielle McTaggart bringing an effortless charisma and charm to the stage, at one point even choking up as she thanked the crowd for being there.  

I’d never seen Dear Rouge in concert before tonight, but I can tell you that I’m not going to miss another one. It was one of the best shows I’ve seen in, well ever, really. Their entire setlist is full of absolute bangers. The crowd of which must’ve agreed, as they jumped and head-banged all night long. Not just to the hits, of which there are a ton, but the songs only those there to see the band would know.

It wasn’t just Mrs. McTaggert that brought the energy, the rest of the band did as well. Including Mr. McTaggart aka Drew, who had to wipe the sweat off his face with a towel, multiple times, as the spirit stayed high, to the very last beat.

"I'm Danielle McTaggart, and I'm Your new best friend!"

"Are you all ready to have a good time tonight?
Get those hands in the air, get those hands in the air!
Let's go, let's go let's go!"

"are You guys having a good night so far?

"Drew and I, haven't been on tour, for four years. And tonight is the last show of out spirit tour. aND i'M TRYING NOT TO CRY ALL NIGHT..."
"and Look out and see all your beautiful faces. I really touches my heart."

"We've got to love each other, no matter what that means"

"Thank you so much vancouver! Oh man, It feels so good being in our hometown playing a show tonight at the vooogue!"

"Can we give a big round of applause to out lighting guy Mark and our sound guy Nathaaan! And the rest of our crew. We're so thankful...You guys being here mean so much to us. Thank you for coming tonight. That so special to us..."

"This one goes out to anyone with a hole in their heart for someone they lost."

I’ve stated here before about how grateful I am to get access to amazing (and sometimes not so amazing) shows, for free. But I’d easily pay to see Dear Rouge again. I’d been a radio fan of this band, but after tonight, I’m hooked.

Check out the shots from Dear Rogue’s openers, Mauvey, and Hotel Mira, here.

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