Turn It Up Tuesday: Back in Black by AC/DC

This Turn It Up Tuesday is Back in Black by AC/DC.

I honestly don’t have any real connection to this album. It doesn’t remind me of a moment in time or of something that I love. Hell, the one real song by AC/DC that means something to me is “Thunderstruck” (hi, Deb).

But I recently threw on Back in Black, and was taken on an auditory journey. I’ve never stated how to listen to an album before, but this on HAS to be listened to with headphones on. It’s something special. I was just brought in and it took me through until the end of the album. This was my first time (don’t judge me) listening to an AC/DC album. I’ve liked their songs, but never listened to a full album, even though I’d consider myself an album over single listener…it might be because they predate that for me. Who knows?

So if you’re like me, and you haven’t do yourself a favour and do. If it’s been a while, throw on some cans and sit back and enjoy it in all it’s stereo goodness.

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