Alvvays Rocks St. Patrick’s Day 2023 w/ Big Rig

Who needs green beer and an overcrowded bar, on St. Patrick’s Day, when you could be at the Commodore Ballroom with Alvvays, and their openers, Big Rig (who are locals, to boot)? I don’t think a single person at the show was green with envy (see what I did there) at those partying it up a the bar across or down the street.

The East Coast represented tonight here on the West. But they had help from locals Big Rig, who opened the show. Not even a minor technical glitch mid set could stop Big Rig from finishing their final show on the tour. It was the second night of two sold out shows at the Commodore, and that took a toll on Big Rig’s perch supply. Singer Jen Twynn Payne challenge the crowd to clean them out, particularly the tapes. Of which I heard someone in the crowd say “tapes?!”. Here’s hoping the challenge was accepted. 

At 9:40 it was time for the headliners. The crowd buzzing as the lights dimmed, they didn’t stop buzzing for the rest of the night. Most of them dancing the night away, to the jangly guitar riffs and steady voice coming from the band on stage. The water being offered by Security, welcomed by those parched from moving. The handing out of water was even praised by front woman Molly Rankin, as she stopped to talk to the crowd between songs.  Speaking of guitar, I’d love to pick the brain of Rankin, when it comes to her gear, in particular her pedalboard. After almost every song she bent down to make an adjustment. I’d love to know if she’s tried a midi board. It seems like that would make her life and her knees, so much easier. 

If you felt quaking last night around 11:00pm. That wasn’t an earthquake. But the crowd rumbling and cheering on Alvvays to come back on stage for their encore. Of which they did, playing a few more songs. Wrapping up their tight 80 minute set. Which might seem short, but felt just right.

Check out the full gallery and quotes from both bands below.

8:40 | Big Rig

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"I guess it's a good problem for us to have, but not for you"


"we just have a few more, then it's time for Alvvays...

...I'm very stoked to watch them. But also sad 'cause it's our last show together."

"I'm also excited, 'cause tomorrow I can catch up on survivor...Hell Yeah!"

"This song's about season 23 of the Bachelorette"

"Thank you we're big Rig. Have a good night!"

9:40 | ALVVAYS

"I'm aware it's St Patrick's Day, but we don't have to bring that energy into this room."

"Thank you, just checkin' in on everyone here."

"A big thanks to Big Rig..I've been a fan of Jen's for a long time."

"I wanted to thank our crew fro travelling with us, and making touring fun and easy."

"Alright. This is our last song. Thanks for spending your Friday Night with us."

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