The Struts Crowd Prove You’re Never Too Old To Raise Hell

On November 27, 2023, The Struts came to Vancouver and proved that you’re never too old to raise hell…or so the man behind the mic said.

"You're Never Too Old To Raise Hell."

That was proved by the fact that the show seemed all ages, well, as all-ages as you can get at a 19+ venue. The crowd at the barricade is usually reserved for the younger folks, but sidled up to it were young, and a few grey-haired fans, and those in between. Truly, this might’ve been the most varied in age crowd I’ve been to. Maybe it was the reminiscence of The Kinks that brought in the older crowd, as one patron said as she leaned into my ear and yelled over the music. But it didn’t matter why they were there, everyone came to dance their butts off all night long. Their energy only outmatched by…

"I've got to say that this is one of the best looking audiences"

…the four they were there to see. Lead by frontman, Luke Spiller, who’s almost a cross between Mick Jagger and Freddie Mercury, with the later gracing the piano, in POP! figure form. Spiller definitely has that old school stage charisma, as he, well…struts, back and forth on stage. Even the way he talks and interacts with both the crowd and his bandmates. Not to be left behind the other members of the band; guitarist, Adam Slack, drummer, Gethin Davies, and according to Spiller, the best looking bassist in the game, Jed Elliot. They definitely all earn the crowds glances away from Spiller.

While most acts these days put in a tight 90 minutes, The Struts put in an energetic two hours. Never letting up, no matter how much sweat poured down their face. It was all smiles and grooves. 

"...Are there any premadonnas in the audience tonight?"

"Ladies and Gentlemen, remember the name, THE STRUTS!"

Going into tonight, while I knew of The Struts, I wasn’t familiar with their music, only one song, “Could Have Been Me”, which happened to be the last one they played. Mind you I’ve listened to the song roughly a billion times, give or take a dozen (thanks MLB 16). But they can now count on me to be there every time they come back to town, because damn, was it a fun night. And that night, might be sooner than later…as Spiller teased.


"Can We Dance A Little Bit Tonight, Vancouver?"

Were you at the show? What did you think?

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