Turn It Up Tuesday: Dear Rouge

This Turn It Up Tuesday we’re going with Dear Rouge’s 2017 album, Phases.

If you’re Canadian you probably know Dear Rouge’s songs even if you don’t recognize their name. You think of, like someone said to me before I went to their show on Saturday night. “I really like that one song of theirs.” But they could really mean a few. They’re a band that when they come on the radio…or playlist, you don’t turn the dial, or hit next.

I’ll admit that I was more of a casual fan of there’s. I really only knew the hits. It wasn’t until, I believe August that I listened to the entirety of one of their albums, and it was this weeks pick. It really is one great song after another. You realize just how many songs of theirs you know, just by that album alone.

As for their sound? The best way I think I would describe Dear Rouge to someone who didn’t know them, is that they’re like if say a 2012ish era Katy Perry took over for Emily Hanes as the singer of Metric. If you’re a rock/alternative fan you can vibe, as well as if you’re into pop. Dear Rouge should really be what pop is.

Like I said, I saw them live for the first time on Saturday, at the Vogue Theatre. As I was watching the absolute barn-burner going on in front of me (you can catch the gallery and review here) I couldn’t help think to myself, that if Dear Rouge were American, that they’d be big. Not only do they have the catchy hits, but they have the stage chops to back it up. But alas, they are not and we as Canadians, and especially those of the Lower Mainland can be proud that they are one of ours.

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