The Dead South Play The Commodore Ballroom’s First Show of 2023.

On January 5, Regina’s quartet, The Dead South, were the first to grace the Commodore Ballroom’s stage in 2023. They didn’t disappoint.

The crowd was moving with the beat all night long. The crowd for the most part consisted of what could be parents and their adult children. It seemed as if to get in the door you had to be over 50 or under, say, 33. With a few in the middle managing to sneak in. Most of the younger crowd having got themselves up against the barricade; making sure they had the best view. At one as I watched from the side, a guy came stumbling out of the crowd, asking if he could take a seat next to where I was standing. I moved over and let him take a seat. When he first came over I figured he was drunk. He very well could’ve been, as it seemed as if the place was well “hydrated”. But as he sat down he leaned over, clutching his back. Even that didn’t stop him from involuntarily moving along with the music. There was a vibe tonight. It was one of the most wholly engaged crowds I’ve seen in the last while, from front to back. 

Danny Kenyon

Scott Pringle

"Are You guys ready for a faster song, now?"

Nate Hilts

Colton "Crawdaddy" Crawford

"I just want to Thank y'all for coming out tonight."

It was a helluva show Thursday night. Here’s hoping both the band and the crowd are just as alive as for one another Friday, when they fill the Commodore once again.

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