Turn It Up Tuesday: The Last of Us by Gustavo Santaolalla

turn it up Tuesday

This Turn It Up Tuesday we’re honouring the upcoming premier of The Last of Us.

Whether you, like me, love the game, or you’ve only ever heard about the show, will want to prime yourself for Sunday’s premier with Gustavo Santaolalla’s beautiful and brilliant score for the game.

It’s a score that so elegantly incapsulates the game. Giving it it’s own sound and feel. It’s not just another score it’s the score, for the game. By that I mean it lends itself to not only the vibe of the world, but the characters themselves. Like I said it incapsulates it. There’s a world to the music. I could not picture it sounding any other way.

Luckily Santaolalla has been brought in to score the show as well.

It will be interesting to see how Santaolalla tackles the show. Will he just adapt the songs from the game, re-score it to give it it’s own flavour, away from the game, or the most likely scenario, a little of both? Either way I’m there for it.

As for the show itself, I’m not sure if I’m more excited or nervous as the days count down ’til Sunday. When you love a story and characters so deeply, it’s hard to picture them another way. We’ve all been there one way or another.

In the mean time I’ll be soothing myself into that feeling be listening to this weeks recommendation.

Are you excited for the show? Have you or haven’t you played to game?

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