Cub Sport Plays The Biltmore Cabaret,With Local Support Jade LeMac

Friday night at the Biltmore saw Aussie’s Cub Sport, take the stage. They were supported by local musician (and fellow namesake), Jade LeMac, who was playing her second ever show. 

Jade LeMac

For her second ever show, I was impressed. I don’t think anyone at the venue would’ve thought it was, had she not said it. LeMac looked comfortable on stage, not only when she was singing, but when she stopped to talk to the crowd. The crowd themselves were moving to her music. One guy in particular, who seemed a bit out of place, I might’ve figured the trucker hat, hoodie wearing guy to be more at place at maybe a country show, but no, he was having the time of his life. I figured maybe he knew her, but when LeMac shouted out her girlfriend in the audience, who sang on the song that was just played, the man said “Where’s the girlfriend at? raise your hand” when she did — from the middle of the crowd–, he gave her a “yeaaaaah”, so then I posited that if he knew her, he’d know her girlfriend. But either way LeMac has possibly a number one fan in him.
LeMac was accompanied by a drummer, while a backing track played the rest of the music. I will say the same thing here as I thought when I photographed Mauvy in December, who also sang with a backing track, but also with a live drummer. It really does make a difference to the vibe of the show. There’s just something about having the beat live in the room. As well as another musician, and instrument on stage. It almost legitimizes the performance in a way. When it’s just someone alone singing to a backing track it can feel a little awkward. Maybe it’s just me, but if you’re a singer out there. Grab yourself a drummer to play on stage with you (and this is coming from a guitar player).
Anyway, there’s a lot more shows in the Island girl’s future. 

"I played my first show, in Toronto, Like six days ago, so I'm kinda a baby to this."

Cub Sport

Up next were the headliners, Cub Sport, who played their biggest show in Vancouver. Though it wasn’t a complete away game, so to speak for the Aussies. As I waited in line as the doors were opening, there were a few Aussies up ahead, and from the Cub Sport bus window, a head, that of Zoe Davis, popped out, and greeted those at the from of the line. Speaking of Zoe Davis, just as an observer, I’m not sure this band could run without her. I, not being super familiar with Cub Sport, thought she was a member of the band when she popped her head out, but as the evening progressed I found myself thinking she must be part of the crew, because she was in and out of the venue, walking with the purpose of someone that has to keep the ship running. Even checking on the equipment before Jade LeMac took the stage. Then she was essentially a part of the crew that got the equipment ready for Cub Sport’s set. To my surprise when the headliners came out, there she was, where she played keys/synth, guitar, bass, and sang.  
Frontman Tim Nelson, grooved the whole night. Though when he stopped to talk, there was a shy quietness about him,  that was unexpected from someone wearing pants that low. But he came alive as his vocals did. 
As for the crowd it took them a  bit of time to get into the swing of the show, maybe it was the early start time (8:15), that was the cause. But the moment they did, the Biltmore became less a concert vibe and more a club vibe. (I will also stop myself on going to yet another rant about people conversing and not paying attention to the show.)
The set itself was only an hour and fifteen minutes. The saying is leave them wanting more, but when they left the stage, the crowds chants for an encore weren’t answered. 
All in all, the Aussies will no doubt be welcomed back, with an even bigger crowd next time.

"I'm so happy we get to tour this record during pride month. I want every single person in this room to feel safe and free, and exactly who they are. So if everyone could keep an eye on each other, and make sure everyone is doing good, and just bring that energy, that would be amazing."

"Sam and I fell in love when we were 17...

...we finally gave in to the love we had. And realized you can't let fears dictate you lifes path."

"I just want to thank you so much..."

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