Loveless Plays The Hollywood Theatre

Loveless at the Hollywood Theatre

The Hollywood Theatre was home to Loveless, with support from Honey Revenge. For both acts the crowd was energized. There was a connection with them and both of the bands that took the stage. The night though, didn’t go out with out a hitch. With frontman, Julian Comeau, having to stop the show to kick out a couple guys in the middle of the crowd who were being rough. Telling them to “Get the fuck out” and “I don’t want to see your faces”.
While the band on stage put on a good energetic show, I found myself, I wouldn’t say, off-put, by the lack of a bass player, but more confused. I even had a conversation as I was leaving with someone, that for the bass heaviness of the songs, why it was a backing track and not an actual person, was like I said, confusing. There was even parts where guitar player, Dylan Tirapelli-Jamail, wasn’t playing, but there was this rumbling bass echoing through the room. Maybe it was just us, who didn’t know the band, but it was weird. To me it took away, but everyone else in the room seemed to be having a grand old time. 
Comeau is a natural on the stage. He had some great interactions with the crowd, even taking time to sign a fans shoe. He also, took someones phone who was making a reel, and gave a little shout out. When he wasn’t signing said shoes, or taking selfies, he gave every ounce into the performance of the song he was singing. 
All in all, if you enjoy their music, but are unsure about seeing them, I think you’d have a fun time. 

But seriously, they need a bass player. 

Below are shots from both Loveless and openers, Honey Revenge.

Honey Revenge

"...we play a lot of singles. But personally? I'm a bit of a deep cuts girlie."

"So we played a couple of new ones. Is it okay if we play an oldie?"


"Will I sign Your shoe?...Yeah, give me a sec. Not at this moment. Remind me after "Killing Time""

"Our setlist just says, 'gay map of Vancouver', and it's just a picture of Vancouver."

"Hello snapchat...Hey you watching this snapchat story. Presave I Know You're Not Sick, out June 28th."

"Thank you so much for spending the evening with us."

Were you at the show? What did you think? Leave a comment below.

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