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On Thursday August 24, five Islanders in the form on Shale made their way across the Georgia Strait to take their first crack at Vancouver. What was supposed to be their first stop before continuing East, ended up being the only one, due to the wildfires in the interior. 

The band itself consists of lead singer Kiarra O’Connor, guitar player Adam Baines, Rowan Hensley on keys, Breanna Montague slappin’ the bass, and Michael Voytash keeping the beat on drums…but don’t forget the most important member, Jimmy Tigerius Kirk, their mascot.

But you’re not here for words, you’re here for images. So…you can check out the video of the day above and check out the pictures below. Below there is also a great video interview with the band, along with some favourites of each member.


Check out shale by clicking here.

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