The Trews Begin Their Anniversary Tour in Vancouver, with Bleeker

On January 26, 2024, The Trews took the stage and rocked the roof off the Commodore Ballroom. The were supported by Bleeker (see images after The Trews).


The Trews waltzed into the Commodore Ballroom, which was the first stop on their cross-country tour, celebrating the 20th anniversary of their album, The House of Ill Fame. 
Despite the fact that I had never shot or even seen The Trews before, I found it fitting that my first time was the anniversary of that album. An album that came out two years before I took my first photo class in hight school. It was an album that I liked, and who’s songs are a part of the soundtrack of my life, as I was figuring out my passion for taking pictures. And boy was it worth the wait.

"The west is the best, baby!"

I don’t know what all the young people are doing these days, but they sure aren’t rockin’. I think I (at 32) might’ve been the youngest person there. Or at least close to. It was as if The Trews hadn’t corralled any new fans since The House of Ill Fame came out. But that’s alright when you’ve got your diehards singing all your words back to you, and even helping out with the backing vocals. It was one of the most enthusiastic crowds I’ve seen in a while. There was a buzz throughout the venue…and a thumping. You could feel the thumping of the floor even standing on the third level on the sides of the room. Everyone was there to have a great time, and by my observation, they didn’t go home disappointed. 
I don’t know what took me so long to see The Trews, other than idiocy…and a couple times I couldn’t make it. While I only got “back” into them last year, it was my teenage self that got the night.

"I remember coming out here and thinking, this is the place to be"

It wasn’t only us in the audience that had a good time, but the band themselves seemed to be primed to soak in every moment. Grateful to once again be playing in the historic Commodore Ballroom. In front of a crowd the appreciated even more.

Even becoming part of the crowd themselves…twice. First was guitarist John-Angus MacDonald, jumped down off the stage and weaved his way through the crowd and up onto the balcony , where he then jumped up and kneeled on a table against the railing, before finally making his way to the stage once again. A few songs later, the whole band made their way into the heart of the crowd, it was time for a sing-along. The band enveloped in their fans. Soaking up every moment.

"It's fun to play all these old songs again."

There was still a lot of show to soak in, as The Trews played for over two hours, which is becoming rare these days. Both the band and crowd continued rocking until the very end. 
So to those of you who know The Trews, but have never been, go. And for those of you that don’t, check them out. The rock, and when they some to town, you’re guaranteed a great night out.

"Thank you Vancouver, you never disappoint."


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