An Evening With Gov’t Mule in Vancouver (Gallery/Review)

On February 8, 2024, Southern rockers, Gov’t Mule took the stage at the Vogue Theatre.


That was the statement and sentiment after a thirty minute delay. Not even half-way through the fourth song, there was a medical emergency in the crowd that caused the show to come to a halt. With Gov’t Mule leaving the stage. Luckily for the man in the crowd he appeared to be alright, raising his hands and giving a thumbs up to the crowd as he was stretchered away.
Admittedly it did take some of the rhythm out of the room that was gained from the first few songs. With the crowd needing a few more to get back into the flow. But once they did, the goose-necking was prevalent throughout the seated crowd. Proving that you don’t need to be jumping up and down or dancing to have a good time.

Fronted by Warren Haynes–who looks more like your favourite English teacher–than a vet of the stage, the rest of the band comes in behind, sitting perfectly in the pocket. Haynes’ is a meat and potatoes type of frontman, which isn’t a bad thing. I recently shot Colin James, who’s more of a showman behind the mic and the guitar. Both rooted in blues. While James is more likely to make you get up and dance, Haynes draws you in. Even though he’s just standing a few feet back from the mic, in his own world as he moves effortlessly up and down the neck, only discreetly glancing down from time to time, he puts you into a head-bobbing trance. Until finally after every couple songs, as the song ends you snap out of it and stand and clap in appreciation. 

I have to give about out to the technical aspect of the show. The sound was great. I think every band, no matter what genre needs to get a lesson from the blues, roots, and the like, when it comes to sound. Way more often than not it’s on point. Every part is in harmony, every instrument has its place, and you’re never straining to hear one over the other. And it’s not like it’s quiet either. But the most impressive was the stage set up. The lighting rig, and backdrop was impressive. It was that of a band playing Rogers Arena, not that of the 1,280 seat Vogue.

Whether it’s the rockier affair, or the more psychedelic groove, Gov’t Mule has you covered. And you’re going to enjoy every second of it. I only wish that the man that had to leave got to experience it with the rest of us.

Were you at the show? What did you think?

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