The Last Dinner Party Wows The Sold Out Vancouver Crowd

"Good evening, we are the last dinner party"

It was a sold out night at the Vogue Theatre. The crowd eager to see the band they came for, The Last Dinner Party. They might’ve been in an even better mood, because it didn’t cost them a kidney to see the show. To my surprise, the tickets for the show were $27.50 (+fees). Which is a price you’re more likely to see small local show for. But it seems as if it’s the M.O…on this tour at least. 
It was already pretty packed when I got there, a few minutes before the opener went on. As I made my way to the stage, I noticed that quite a few of the mostly female crowd, were dressed for the night. Emulating those of TLDP. With more than a few holding flowers, that would be passed on to the band later in the night. 

But before that it was time for….

Miss Grit

Miss Grit to take the stage. The room a dark, save for a projector at the front of the stage, projecting straight at Miss Grit. Who was all by her lonesome. It was just her and her looper and backing track. The projection slowly lit up the stage and musician, with swirls of light. I was definitely a unique aesthetic, what went well with the music being performed. 
For most of the set, the crowd was pretty mellow, letting the music soak over the dark theatre. It wasn’t until the penultimate song, and the guitar solo that finished it, that brought the crowd to their feet…well most were already standing…but still. 
By the time the set came to an end, the crowd showed their appreciation with a loud cheer. Even giving a second ovation after Miss Grit packed up and was stepping off the stage. 

The Last Dinner Party

If this is what it means to be an “industry plant”, give not just me, but the world more, please…Joking aside, The Last Dinner Party rock, and it’s awesome to see music like this coming back into the mainstream. And they can backup their quick rise and “controversy” with their sheer talent. 
The furvor that the Brit rockers have managed to accrue in their short time on the scene, is usually reserved for boy bands and the like. With the crowd being more frenetic, than what I’m used to seeing at a rock type show. It was honestly one of the best crowds I’ve been around in a long time. Singing loudly along with every word. The energy made its way up on the stage, where it clearly moved the band. Even making singer Abigail Morris stumble on her words. The band could feel the love, and gave it right back with one helluva show.

"Thank you for being the first people to welcome us to your city."

Speaking of Morris, she’s an absolute natural up on stage. It was weird to see her be taken aback by the love pouring out from the crowd, a little more reserved than her commanding presence as she danced around the stage belting out tunes. I’m not sure if it was the oversized suit or what, but there was something of a classic entertainer charisma and style, that just drew you in. 
The rest of the band brings it as well. Most notably, as Morris put it “Emily Fucking Roberts”. The guitar, mandolin, and flute player of the band. She may be small, but has big talent. Especially when strapped to her guitar. Watching her play made me want to go immediately home and learn one of their songs. Albeit, not as well as Roberts.


"I think we're all like, nearly in tears."

I’ve been to some great shows this year already, but this one tops the list for me. It’s the kind of show that makes me want to be up on that stage playing my guitar along side them. (Though I don’t think they’re in the market for a third guitarist). The Last Dinner Party is a band that’s going to inspire a lot of people to pick up an instrument and start a band, and I’m all for that. Like I said, if this is what the “industry” wants to “plant” of the world. Bring it on.

"We've been The Last Dinner Party, you've been Vancouver"

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