Sleater-Kinney Feel At Home In Vancouver (Gallery/Review)

"We Consider this home"

It was a packed night at the Vogue Theatre. Where Sleater-Kinney were there to play their penultimate show of their tour. 
I might’ve mentioned in my review of Gov’t Mule, how Warren Haynes looks more like your favourite English teacher than a blues rocker. The same might be said here for both Corin Tucker and Carrie Brownstein (though I’m unsure of their subjects). Though in their case, it might be because their in a band that makes them even cooler. I don’t know…but I’d want to go to that school. But you’re not here for my weird brain. You’re here to see shots from the show. And hear a little about it.  Though there unfortunately isn’t much to say as I left after 35-40 minutes as I began to feel unwell. But from what I saw? It was a fun show…even if the lighting was my enemy that night. but that only matters for the first three songs anyways.

Enough blabbing, here’s the shots.

"We're glad to be back"

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