After a week I’m still not sure if I’m upset I haven’t had this band in my life for the past 10 years or happy that I’ve got that much music to delve into now. I’m leaning towards the former. Based on a recommendation from the ‘algorithm’, I put on this weeks album, Pleasure To Meet You, by the band Dead Sara. From the jump it just instantly grabbed hold of me. I almost haven’t listened to anything else this week, and honestly couldn’t tell you the amount of times I’ve listened to it. Let’s just say a lot. Hint: I’m listening to it as I write.

Pleasure To Meet You is the bands second full length album, released in 2015. Fronting the band is the growling vocals of singer Emily Armstrong. Who, I for one don’t know how she makes it through one song, let alone a whole show live. Every song sounds as if she’s giving every last inch of her voice she can. She dials it back for smoother opening to the albums eighth song, Greaser. Armstrong is joined by co-founder of the band, guitarist Siouxsie Medley. Who’s guitar playing sits perfectly in the mix, until it comes out to shine with a perfectly placed riff, either in the form of a flourish, or as a feature. The band is filled out by drummer, Sean Friday, and bassist Chris Null (who left the band after this album).

It’s almost impossible not to at least tap you foot along with the beat, and in some occasions stop what you’re doing and grab your guitar to play along.

It’s almost guaranteed that if you see headphones on me, it with be these guys pulsing through them. For the foreseeable future at least.

It’s about that time where I grab my guitar….

What’s your favourite song?

Mine is For You I Am, which perfectly ends the album.


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