2022 Vancouver International Guitar Festival

What do Paul Reed Smith stories, Ruffles All-Dressed, a Liverpudlian from California, and handheld works of art have in common? The Vancouver International Guitar Festival.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to spend a long time at the Creekside Community Centre, but every second was worth it for this guitar nerd. Here are a few highlights from the showcase.

The community centre’s gym was home to guitar builders from far and wide. Both the farthest and closest came by way of DuncanAfrica guitars. After a trip to Uganda, East Africa, luthier Jay Duncan decided to make a difference having seen the rampant poverty on his trip. So, he went and taught guitar building. Now his guitars come from there, only coming here for final inspection and setup.

The Boutique Guitar Showcase took up an aisle, bringing with them their collection of guitars from Luthier’s around the world.

Some offerings from the Boutique Guitar Showcase collection.

Matt Eich from Mule Resphonics brought a couple guitars from Saginaw, Michigan. He was busy loving his preferred Canadian snack, Ruffle’s All-Dress. Some other recommendations from yours truly, and his bag back is going to be significantly heavier heading back across the border.

"Tele players are kinda weird."
-Warren Murfitt

Well I’m a Tele player and I can’t confirm nor deny that statement…

This is just a small sample of guitars and builders. Like I said, unfortunately I was only able to visit for a short time. If you’re into guitars I highly recommend checking out the list of artisans on the Festival website.

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