If you think to yourself, where do I recognize that name from? You might be one of the 28 million views on Noah Guthrie’s cover of “Sexy and I Know It”, that he recorded for YouTube in 2010, as a 16 year old. If it isn’t that, it might be his role on the last season of Glee, playing Roderick Meeks.

I thought that I myself had discovered him through his guitarist, Rhett Shull’s, YouTube channel. But it was technically Glee. Though admittedly, I know I watched the last season, but don’t remember a single thing from it.

Guthrie is accompanied by his band Good Trouble. Their name is a nod to late Congressman John Lewis, famous quote was “Go make good trouble.” They even asked permission to use it. Lewis calling them back personally to give his permission.

Guthrie and Good Trouble are able to find a good balance between the sweeter song, such as “Wishing I Was Wrong”, and the rockier affair, like “Hell Or High Water.” All managing to stay within the Americana framework. Guthries smokey vocals becoming more refined and controlled as he continues to grow.

All of this can be heard on this weeks album. Blue Wall.

What’s your favourite song?

Also, don’t hesitate to add your suggestions.

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