Fionn Kicks Off Their Tour With A Hometown Show at The Pearl

November 2, 2023. The Pearl was home to locals, Fionn, on the first stop of their I Might Start Smoking tour. This was my second time seeing the band in action, and they didn’t disappoint. You can check out my first time shooting them, which was the day of their album release party. A DAY WITH…FIONN.

For those of you that don’t know Fionn, you’re not seeing double when you look at the photos. The two are in fact twins, Alanna and Brianne Finn Morris. Does being born 45 minutes earlier make Alanna more mature? Well that’s up to debate, one that will go way beyond the banter on the stage Thursday night. While I usually have quotes from the stage in my galleries, of which that debate would’ve made it, and more of the sisterly banter, there’s unfortunately none (blame forgetting it on the mild concussion I’m currently rockin’). You’ll just have to go to one of their shows to get the full effect.

And for you Tiger Really fans, the shots from their set will be up next week.

You can check out A DAY WITH…FIONN, here. Or by clicking on the image below.

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