The Sam Roberts Band Take Vancouver By Storm

On February 24, 2024, Montrealers, Sam Roberts take the Commodore Ballroom by storm. On their first night of two.

"How's everybody feeling out there?"

The room was already abuzz before the rockers from Montreal took the stage. And it didn’t settle down once the Sam Roberts Band took the stage. It was “Them Kids” that amped the crowd up. But the party officially began a few songs later when the band kicked into “Where Have All The Good People Gone?”. That song, unleashed the crowd into a frenzy. That’s when the floor started warming up, though it would get in a workout later on. The crowd itself consisted with a demographic I’d call, adult kids and their parents. Which is funny because my own mom was supposed to come with me tonight. It really was seemingly the grey-hairs and early 30’s..ish. But no matter what the persons age was, when it was time to rock, they rocked, when it was time to dance, they danced, and when it was time to sing…well you get the point.

"We're with you the next few nights at the legendary Commodore Ballroom"

It wasn’t even halfway through the set when I was miffed at my past self for this only being my third time seeing the band. The first was in grade 12, and the height of my Sam Roberts Band fandom. While I got a high-five from the man himself, I wonder if the girl I was with still has the guitar pick she snagged? Simone? The other was a festival…in 2011. Needless to say it’s been WAY too long. 

While the band is from back East, it all started here in Vancouver. While, Sam Roberts is ingrained in the roots of Canada, there was no guarantee going into their first album. Sam Robert’s himself stating that they never knew where it would lead when they just tried to make an album. 
From then to now there’s certain songs that’ve hit a chord with fans and music lovers tonight. You might not think you know who the Sam Roberts Band is, but a few of hits they played tonight, would’ve had you on their feet too. It was “Bridge to Nowhere” that had the crowd singing the loudest. It was party time for “Love At The End of The World”. And “Don’t Walk Away Eileen” gave the legendary floor its biggest workout of the night. 

"Come on Vancouver, sing it with me now."

The last big hit of the night was “Brother Down” which happened to be the second to last song. Roberts put down the guitar and grabbed the mic. And boy did he make the most out of being untethered…or uncorded. He moved and danced around the stage with a charisma and presence of a guy who does that night in and night out. Not of that who spends the rest of the set with a guitar sling over his neck. Not to say he doesn’t have a presence when he is wielding his guitar, because he most certainly does. I’m just saying it would be nice if he was set free for at least a couple songs a night. 

To my future self on behalf of my past self, don’t miss another Sam Roberts Band show. Seriously.

"Beautiful Vancouver, thank you so much."

Were you at the show? What did you think?

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